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Ten Playful Tigers: A Back-and-Forth Counting Book

Who can resist fuzzy tigers? With this sturdy touch-and-feel book, young fingers can poke and prod and count along as one little tiger turns into ten playful tigers (and their mama!). Then when you're done, count the butterflies back to one!



Kirkus Reviews

"A streak of tiger cubs scampers around the jungle, gradually increasing in number. Little ones will learn to count to 10 as each additional tiger cub makes its presence known, circular die cuts in the middle of each tiger allowing readers to peek through to a patch of tiger-patterned plush embedded in the last page. In the top left corner of each double-page spread is a helpful numeral, bold against the softly shaded illustrations." - Kirkus Reviews

January 20, 2015

Lynn Seresin

Lynn Seresin

Lynn Seresin worked for years as a children’s book editor before embarking on a career as a freelance writer and concept originator of board books. She also earned her certification as an elementary school teacher, during which time she student-taught in a kindergarten classroom.

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