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Hocus Pocus Hotel
Hocus Pocus Hotel
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Hocus Pocus Hotel

Hocus Pocus Hotel: Volume 1

by Michael Dahl
Illustrated by Lisa K Weber

The Abracadabra Hotel, built by and for magicians, has long been know to locals as the Hocus Pocus Hotel. Charlie Hitchcock has never stepped inside until Tyler Yu tells him to meet him there ...or else. As if the hotel's storied past isn't enough, it turns out that the place is inhabited by magicians, and while Charlie and Ty solve magical mysteries, the bully and the brain form an unlikely friendship.

PublisherStone Arch Books
BrandHocus Pocus Hotel
Age Level9-12 Years
Reading LevelGrades 4-6
SubjectMystery, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Friendship
Trim Size5 x 7 3/4
Page Count216
Paper Over Board


Back to Books Blog - Nicola

"The first couple of pages show how to read a graphic novel showing the direct panels and then showing how the direction text and balloons should be read. Gavin does not like the bus. Not the way it looks or the way it smells but most of all he does not li" - Back to Books Blog

December 31, 2010

Great Kids Books Blog - Mary Ann Scheuer

"Students in our library love, love, love graphic novels. They draw them in with their bright pictures dynamic stories. Kids who are new to reading also love graphic novels, and the series My First Graphic Novel has some wonderful titles perfectly suited f" - Great Kids Books Blog

January 19, 2011

Kirkus Reviews

"Ty Yu, one of the biggest bullies in middle school, recruits Charlie Hitchcock and his "acute visual memory" for a little detective work.  There have been some mysterious occurrences at Ty's home, the Hocus Pocus Hotel, a residence for retired magicians" - Kirkus Reviews

June 15, 2012


School Library Journal - Kelly Roth, Bartow County Public Library, Cartersville, GA

"Strange things are happening at the Abracadabra Hotel, an establishment that caters to magicians. A guest has gone missing, along with a host of bizarre, seemingly unrelated objects like shower curtains, bowling pins, and serving spoons. Lights flicker on" - School Library Journal

August 1, 2012

Booklist - John Peters

"A retirement hotel for professional magicians provides the setting for two cases involving mysterious disappearances and a young sleuth with “acute visual memory.” Charlie “Hitch” Hitchcock is surprisingly invited by school bully Tyler Yu into the old hot" - Booklist

August 1, 2012

NetGalley Review - Joel Smith

"...even though this is an early middle grade effort, both mysteries are very, very well done, and have very clever solutions. . . .could quite well end up engaging your young reader." - NetGalley Review

July 29, 2012


Kids Book Korner - Jenifer Nelissen

"This book is a sheer delight to read. I loved every minute of it. The whole premise of the hotel is genius!" - Kids Book Korner

August 1, 2012

Buggie 4 Book blog - Mellisa Neal

"I love this book. I give it a 5 out of 5 stars. . . .Full of fun, adventure, magic." - Buggie 4 Book blog

August 1, 2012

Cover 2 Cover blog - Stephanie

"This was an adorable read. The story was mysterious and an adventure full of fun characters and magician history. The boys are an interesting pair, the nerd and the bully working together to right the rumors about the hotel with smarts and spirit. . . .Th" - Cover 2 Cover blog

August 1, 2012


Diamonds & Coal Book Reviews blog - Anna

"This was a fun book for me, as someone who never really read mysteries as a kid - it's something that I've gotten into a lot more now that I'm an adult.  But I loved the illustrations and Tyler's inept bullying, that isn't quite mean-spirited enough to be" - Diamonds & Coal Book Reviews blog

August 8, 2012

Journey of a Bookseller blog/Book Faerie blog - Jo Ann Hakola

"...has a touch of "Encyclopedia Brown" drama running through it.  Things are not always what they seem and Charlie can see through it because of his photographic memory. . . .You can't miss with this book." - Journey of a Bookseller blog/Book Faerie blog

August 12, 2012

Kids Books Central - Francesca Amendolia

"A quickly read, nicely designed book, it certainly held my interest. . . .These two stories are a good start, and there is a story arc that suggests at least one – but likely many more stories to come." - Kids Books Central

August 1, 2012


Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! blog - Stormi

"The book is about mysteries and magicians and filled with cool magic tricks and little diagrams that show you just how the tricks work. . . .fun, mysterious and I think boys and girls who love to read will both enjoy this book. I would definitely recomm" - Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! blog

August 14, 2012

the Obsessive Book Worm blog

"This is not the type of magic that can cause controversy, I’m happy to say. This book is all about illusionists and even reveals some of the tricks in the books with diagrams. Even I found myself studying the diagrams closely to figure out how they did" - the Obsessive Book Worm blog

August 10, 2012

Charlotte's Library blog - Charlotte

"If you have a young reader (say, 9 or 10) kicking around who loved the Encyclopedia Brown stories, and who also is intrigued by magic (of the stage kind, not the fantasy kind) give that reader Hocus Pocus Hotel. . . .There are secrets galore in the Abra" - Charlotte's Library blog

September 16, 2012


Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer blog

"Michael Dahl has a talent of creating suspense on every page as the young sleuth, Charlie Hitchcock, investigates the mysterious that are hidden in the Abracadabra Hotel. All of the disappearances have a logical reason in which are explained by cute ill" - Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer blog

September 17, 2012

NetGalley Review - Rebecca Pausley

"...the entire story is a set of mysteries where you try to figure out how the magicians in the story do their tricks and fool the bully. The magic tricks are interesting, and explained very well, it ended up being quite interesting. I would recommend th" - NetGalley Review

September 27, 2012

Luxury Reading blog - Amanda Farmer

"This story has a lot to offer its readers: friendships, mysteries, magic, and of course surprises around every corner. The reader is able to be drawn into the story and will not want to stop reading it until the end. I can’t wait for the next book in th" - Luxury Reading blog

September 29, 2012


Peter's Ponderings blog - Peter Schott

"As an adult, I found this an entertaining read with some great illustrations. I would have loved this sort of book when I was in elementary school. The proof that a child will like this comes from my kid who couldn’t wait to keep going and find out how" - Peter's Ponderings blog

October 1, 2012

James Patterson's "Halloween BOO-O-O-O-K List"

"When Tyler Yu (a bully) asks Charlie Hitchcock (a geek) to meet him after school, Charlie fears the worst. But Ty just needs his help solving a mystery at the Abracadabra Hotel, a retirement home for magicians, where his Dad is the manager. As the two j" - James Patterson's "Halloween BOO-O-O-O-K List"

October 3, 2012

The Book Monsters blog - Kristen

"I've always loved stories that take place in a hotel full of mysteries. This story was no exception. . . .The illustrations in this novel are fantastic and really help the reader visual all that is happening throughout the story. Final Verdict: A great" - The Book Monsters blog

October 12, 2012


Blue Stocking Thinking blog - Nicole

"One of the things I love about Capstone books is that they publish fun to read texts that support striving readers. . . .The Capstone titles I've added to my classroom have always been a hit. . . .they certainly serve an important role in helping many s" - Blue Stocking Thinking blog

October 8, 2012

Media Macaroni blog - Amy Kraft

"Need something a little spooky for younger readers? This book has the vibe of a Alfred Hitchcock Presents for kids; it reads like a few short mysteries sandwiched together. . . .a fun book for the Scooby Doo crowd, and there are some cool charts that sh" - Media Macaroni blog

October 14, 2012

Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! blog - Stormi Johnson

"Both of these books are spooktacular in their own right as middle grade spooky books. The would make perfect reads for your young readers who like a little scare to their books." - Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! blog

October 10, 2012


James Patterson's

"Strange things are happening at the Abracadabra hotel for retired magicians. Two mysteries are revealed, seemingly unrelated — but are coincidences like that possible? It takes the odd pairing of Tyler Yu, the school bully, and Charlie Hitchcock, the ki" - James Patterson's

February 21, 2012

Justin's Book Blog - Justin

"I really ended up enjoying Hocus Pocus Hotel. I usually like turning to Middle Grade books when I need something light and fun to read, and this book fit the bill for sure. It's was a ton of fun to read, full of mystery, clue solving and just an all aro" - Justin's Book Blog

October 23, 2012

To Read or Not To Read blog - Marcie

"Charlie Hitchcock is a young Sherlock Holmes in the making. Together with Tyler, they are determined to solve the mysteries the hotel presents. This book is wonderfully written with fantastic illustrations. This book is perfect ages 8 and up. If your ki" - To Read or Not To Read blog

November 5, 2012


Bumbles and Fairy-Tales blog - Margie

"A new favorite series that my kids and I are definitely going to follow! . . . .There are numerous mysterious to be solved! And with each one, we learn just how magicians do their magic. Charlie and his photographic memory doesn't miss a single clue and" - Bumbles and Fairy-Tales blog

October 30, 2012

Me, My Shelf & I blog - Amber

"Okay THIS was a really fun read! . . .I read it with my 8 year old who fought me tooth and nail for “just one more chapter” each night. . . .I have no trouble saying that I think my family has found yet another favorite author to add to our shelves!! We" - Me, My Shelf & I blog

November 2, 2012

Live to Read blog - Rachel

"Just because this book is aimed for younger children doesn't mean it's ONLY for that age group. I think any age would enjoy this story. It has magic, riddles, and illustrations done by the lovely Lisa K. Weber to show how some magic acts are actually co" - Live to Read blog

November 9, 2012


NetGalley Review - Carrie Ardoin

"But for a younger reader, I think this book might be enjoyable. It's simple and fast to read, and there are sure to be some new words for the reader to be introduced to. The cast of characters may get a few giggles too. I think this would be a fun read" - NetGalley Review

November 16, 2012

Mom Loves 2 Read & blog - Susan

"...full of thrills, chills and spooky mystery. I thought that both Troll Hunters and Hocus Pocus Hotel were fun and entertaining reads that I would recommend for middle grade to young adult readers. Both boys and girls alike will enjoy the engaging char" - Mom Loves 2 Read & blog

October 31, 2012

Ms. Yingling Reads blog - Karen Yingling

"This is realistic fiction, and a decent...mystery. I've been doing a brisk business in Ron Roy, Donald Sobol and short Nancy Drew mysteries with children who "forgot" to pick up mystery books for a language arts unit test, and this would fit the bill." - Ms. Yingling Reads blog

November 20, 2012


Library Media Connection Online - Sheila Acosta, Children’s Librarian, Cody Library, San Antonio, Texas

"Charlie Hitchcock knows he needs three things to survive a meeting at the Hocus Pocus Hotel with the biggest bully of Blackstone Middle School—a big dog, a bodyguard, and guts—of which he has none. Tyler wants to discuss a mystery and, knowing about Charl" - Library Media Connection Online

January 1, 2013

Michael Dahl

Michael Dahl

Michael Dahl is the prolific author of the bestselling Goodnight, Baseball picture book and more than 200 other books for children and young adults. He has won the AEP Distinguished Achievement Award three times for his nonfiction, a Teacher’s Choice award from Learning magazine, and a Seal of Excellence from the Creative Child Awards. And he has won awards for his board books for the earliest learners, Duck Goes Potty and Bear Says "Thank You!" Dahl currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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