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Pebble Plus

All about Matter

It's everywhere. It's a solid, a liquid, or a gas. Read more to find out the facts on matter.



NSTA - Tracy Alley, Teacher & Coordinator of Gifted Programs, Madeira City Schools & Ad

"What is matter? Readers will learn the answer to this question plus the forms of matter and how matter changes. The book is perfect for very young children since the text is very simple. The photos will be helpful to non–readers as well as support early readers in their understanding. Each double page spread has a few lines of text in large print, opposite a large picture filling a full page. There is a glossary, an index, and additional sources for text and Internet information. The Science Builders series is a fabulous collection of books for K-2 science teachers to have on their shelves since the series supplement the national science standards." - NSTA

March 5, 2012

Wrapped In Foil blog

"All about Matter (Science Builders) by Mari Schuh introduces the three most common states of matter: solid, liquid and gas, as well as explains what matter is in such a way that a preschooler could understand. Even more astounding, she does this all in only 151 words!" - Wrapped In Foil blog

September 8, 2014

Mari Schuh

Mari Schuh

Mari Schuh is the author of more than 150 nonfiction children’s books, covering topics from tomatoes to tornadoes. She has written numerous articles for daily newspapers and has presented at the West Virginia Book Festival. Mari lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Joe, and their house rabbit, Kindle.

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