Coughlan Companies

coughlan companies

A Rock Solid Foundation

Nearly 125 years ago, Irish immigrant T.R. Coughlan arrived in Mankato, Minnesota. Apprenticed in Ireland as a stonecutter, he worked as a masonry foreman in the construction of Mankato’s Grand Hotel. Two years later he struck his claim by purchasing a site with three distinct veins of limestone in a variety of warm colors.

At first quarried for railroad construction, supplying stone for everything from bridges to ballast, the Coughlan quarry stone soon became renowned for its color and versatility. Since the early 1900s, architects across the U.S. have specified this limestone to clad everything from libraries, museums and educational institutions to skyscrapers, pavings and civic memorials.

Over the decades, the Coughlan generations continued to leave their mark on the core stone business, but also diversified within the financial, manufacturing and publishing industries. Today, Coughlan Companies, Inc.—still family-owned and run by fourth-generation Coughlans—serves as a holding company for Capstone and Mankato Kasota Stone. And, honoring the founder’s entrepreneurial spirit, Coughlan Companies continues to drive change within these industries through innovative ideas and focused determination.